Business Start-Up Program+ 2022-2023


To further encourage new business, and promote long term success, the Cuero Development Corporation has developed the Business Start-Up Program Plus. This program can provide up to two grants for one year of business. The first grant is up to $3,000 for businesses to encourage new businesses with rental assistance grants that generate sales tax. The second part of the grant is available up to $1500.0 to encourage continued success of the business after the first six months.

The grants are available to all non-home-based small businesses in the City of Cuero; however, priority will be given to businesses that have frequent and/or close contact with customers.  Rental Assistance is paid monthly to the landlord at 50% of the lease amount up to $500 monthly up to a maximum of six months on a minimum 12 month lease for future payments only. All applicants must have a business that is open before applying for any grant monies.  The second grant is available up to 25% of the monthly rent for a maximum amount of 250.00/ month for rental assistance and is paid to the landlord and is available after 6 months of consecutive operation.

The second grant will be available after a second application is filled out and submitted to the CDC office and approved at the next board meeting.

This grant is available for businesses that started operation after January 1, 2022.

This application is good for one year. 

Businesses must meet all the following criteria.

Please acknowledge that the below qualifications have been met by initialing in the boxes:

  • [   ]  Physical and publicly accessible location in the City of Cuero.
  • [   ]  In good standing with the City of Cuero regarding licensing and finance, including being current on sales and tax payments.
  • [   ]  This business generates sales tax.
  • [   ]  Engaged in activities that are legal under city and state law.
  • [   ]  Meet program technical requirements including ability to provide financial records to support grant request.
  • [   ]  Registered with the Texas Secretary of State’s Office.
  • [   ]  Ineligible:  Home-based businesses.

If your business meets the above criteria, please complete and email this application to: Maggie J. Cromeens at [email protected]. Funding for this grant is limited and is subject to closure once budgeted funds are expended.

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Esta aplicación está actualmente bajo revisión. Por favor comuníquese con la oficina de Cuero Development Corporation office si tiene alguna pregunta.

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